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Content Management Systems bring a wealth of benefits to any organisation. Traditionally well outside the financial reach of most businesses and organisations, thankfully CMS is available to everyone now.

If you have never heard of Content Management Systems before or would like to know more about them, please click here for a quick introduction.

Content Management Basics

CMS websites have two sides to them - the presentation layer (i.e. the look and feel) and the dynamic content layer (i.e. the changing pages and regions on the page).

Web pages are created via a friendly, intuitive user interface accessed via a secure username and password using almost any web browser.

Benefits of our Content Management System

Basically, in a nutshell CMS is a powerful database-driven web application that allows for:-

  • Very quick and easy creation of powerful, feature-rich websites
  • Extremely simple adding / editing of web pages
  • Easy-to-manage website menus and sitemaps
  • Almost limitless potential with plugin modules available for most features and requirements including:-
    • Rich text WYSIWYG web page editor
    • Easy image uploads
    • E-Commerce shopping carts
    • Online Web-logs (Blogs)
    • Community Forums
    • Newsletter subscriptions and management
    • RSS Syndication
    • Public / private website areas
    • Many many more...

Perhaps the main benefit of Content management is that it allows you or anyone within your organisation to easy edit and manage your own website and pages using your own secure username and password.

No knowledge of programming or HTML is required, and almost anyone can do it (with your permission, of course!).

If you prefer us to make changes and edits (after all, that's our job!), then CMS also benefits you because it takes much less time and effort to maintain a CMS site than a tradition flat HTML website, meaning quicker turnaround times and lower billing.

If you want to read a little more about CMS, please click here for a more detailed introduction.

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