Drupal Development in the UK

Drupal development is what we do every day and have been doing every day since 2007. We understand Drupal inside-out. The more the complex the requirements, the better. Whether it's custom integrations, third-party APIs, CRM or E-Commerce, your requirements can be met with our Drupal development service.

Our team have a deep understanding and years of development experience using Drupal and it's associated languages and frameworks including PHP, Symfony, JavaScript, JQuery and even .NET for bespoke third-party integrations.

We have designed and developed many types of Drupal websites for a variety of clients and requirements including interactive brochure sites, e-commerce sites, fund-raising donation platforms, corporate intranets - the list goes on - all built using Drupal. We've developed hundreds of bespoke Drupal modules and themes for different clients over the years.

Drupology are actively involved in the open-source community and many of our more generic Drupal modules have been submitted back (with clients agreement) to Drupal.org allowing thousands of developers globally to utilise functionality we have created. 

Take a look through our portfolio to see examples of some of the work we've done, and please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Working with Your Organisation

Your Drupal development project is very important to us. Your requirements and goals are our requirements and goals. We carefully discuss your project in-depth before any development takes place and we will always recommend an approach which is future-proof and in adherence with best practices.

There are several approaches to building websites with Drupal and our experience with the many contributed modules ensures we can always deliver the best-match for your organisation's needs. We will openly discuss the various approaches with you to ensure you are getting the right-fit for your requirements now and in the future, as well as ensuring the agreed approach meets your budget and timescale expectations.

Our development principles

  • Combine a boutique agency personalised service with the controls learnt from high-proļ¬le, complex projects. 
  • The journey of getting there is as important as the end-result. 
  • A creative blend of waterfall and agile techniques, tailored to the project. 
  • A project culture of open communication and transparency. 
  • Deployment of the right tools to facilitate communication, story and task management, and project budget and timeline control. 

The Correct Approach to Drupal Development in General

Drupal's success is largely down to the number and variety of modules created by developers worldwide which add functionality to an existing Drupal website. Thankfully Drupal and many of its essential modules have open and powerful APIs which we can use to extend and develop complex bespoke functionality with ease, particularly since Drupal 8 is now based on the Symfony framework allowing developers to leave the "Drupal Island".

The correct approach in a nutshell: -

  • Never, ever alter or change Drupal Core.
  • Where possible, utilise existing, well-maintained Drupal modules.
  • Add bespoke functionality and integration using Drupal 7's hook system and Drupal 8 and 9's symfony-based architecture.
  • Keep business-layer logic outside of the theme and front-end layers.
  • Keep front-end logic in the theme.
  • Ensure there is no content in the code - any text that may need to change should be available to configure in the back-end.
  • All code developed is: -
    • Standards compliant
    • Well-formed and readable
    • Commented using PHPDoc syntax for ease of understanding
    • Well documented
    • In adherence to Drupal's coding standards

We pride ourselves on high-quality code and process throughout.

Please get in touch to talk through your Drupal development requirements.

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