Professional Drupal Support in the UK

Drupology are an experienced UK based agency providing tailored, professional Drupal support services. We have a range of Drupal support services to suit all budgets.

We offer very bespoke professional Drupal support service packages which are available to all organisations covering everything from ad-hoc enquiries to monthly or quarterly retainers.

Our Drupal support services address your key requirements and we can provide assistance with: -

Priority Email and Telephone Drupal Support

We are always on hand to provide support as required for any aspect of your Drupal website.

Drupal Security and Maintenance Updates

Ensuring your Drupal website is kept up-to-date is critically important. Automated attack bots will profile Drupal sites looking for vulnerabilities, especially when an update has just been announced.

  • We ensure updates are applied in a timely fashion with careful testing to ensure there are no conflicts between installed modules.
  • Backups are taken before updates are made to ensure roll-backs are possible.
  • Updates would ideally be performed in a test environment.

Editorial and Content Editing Support

Often site editors who are new to Drupal struggle to maintain the content in a sub-optimal Drupal site. Site editors and their user-journies are often not considered in the development process (we always consider editors - they are vitally important!). We can help you understand your build and get your content changed. We will also make recommendations for changes to the back-end to make it more user-friendly going forward.

New Development Requirements

  • Selection and assistance with new functionality requirements
  • Installation and configuration of new Drupal modules
  • Performance enhancements

As with all our services, the Drupal support packages are tailored to your requirements.

Please get in touch and let us know how we can support your organisation and your Drupal website.


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