Drupal and SEO 1 - Introduction

Drupal has some very powerful modules available to help simplify SEO on your website. Some of these modules include: -

  • Page Title - for setting the page title
  • Meta tags (Nodewords in Drupal 6) - for setting Meta tags including open-graph tags
  • Pathauto - for automatic search-engine-friendly URL aliases
  • Redirect - automatically redirect changed URLs and easily create new redirects
  • XML Sitemap - automatically create and submit XML sitemaps
  • Content Optimiser - for analysing content
  • Alchemy - integrate with Alchemy's API for content analysis 
  • Keyword Research - research good keywords to optimise your content
  • WordStream - integrate WordStream keyword research into Drupal
  • Readability - provide readability tests and results for your content
  • SEO Tools - a dashboard to tie everything together as well as its own tools

Of course, like everything Drupal, there are many other modules that offer similar and additional functionality.

Installing and configuring these modules is a fairly lengthy process and will involve signing up for API keys with several providers but it's worth the effort.

In the course of these tutorials we'll be looking at the different aspects of SEO and how Drupal and these modules can help make SEO a much easier task for non-technical content writers and site editors.

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