Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor

Drupal 9 with bespoke Shopify commerce

Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor
  • Drupal 9 upgraded site
  • Complete overhaul of website structure to conform with Drupal standards
  • Custom e-commerce integration with Shopify
  • Connections with many third-party analytics tools
  • Custom integration with BazaarVoice

Bluebell's baby monitor has been designed by doctors in the UK to monitor more than any other monitors so parents worry less.

Bluebell's Drupal site had been created by previous developers and was generally not fit for purpose. Most areas of the site were difficult to use for editors, and the commerce side of the site barely functioned.

Drupology took over support of the site, overhauling all the commerce functionality to support multiple payment methods using a custom integration with Shopify.

The site has since been upgraded to Drupal 9, with a clean approach being taken, allowing the site to conform to Drupal standards.

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